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Carpet & fabric care

We at cleanest Homes pride our selves with our revolutionary Systems. After vigorous experimentation we have discovered that Carpets and Fabrics in a typical household should be professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months.

If carpets and fabrics are cleaned before they become too unsightly, the cleaning chore will be easier and more successful, leaving your home fresh and beautiful. Also, we are sure you would like to know that Regular maintenance of your carpets and fabrics lengthens the life.

The choice of the correct cleaning system is extremely important. Some systems leave residues which promote re-soiling and defeat the whole purpose of cleaning. Some methods actually damage the carpet fibres and shorten the life of the carpet.

Here at Cleanest Homes we use the latest technology systems and methods available on the market. We aim to work with you and your fabrics. Therefore we provide two superb state of the art systems to all of our professional fabric care technicians and supervisors enabling only the best results in your home.

Injection extraction deep cleaning system
& Deep Dry cleaning system

Our injection system provides a deep cleanse of your carpets and fabrics. Using only ECO-FRIENDLY, NON-TOXIC solutions mean that they are safe to use in your home. With this process not only are your carpets and fabrics REJUVANTED, but they are also SANITISED and ODERISED removing all TRAPPED POLLUTANTS and ALLERGY-INFLAMING PROTEINS, fantastic if you have children or pets in your home! NO MORE WAITING hours on end for those carpets and fabrics to DRY. With our super efficient systems and powerful in-built dryers, your carpets and fabrics are left TOUCH DRY so YES you can USE THEM STRAIGHT AWAY! This system is suitable for the majority of the carpets and fabrics within your home. Our professional fabric care technicians and supervisor would advise accordingly on the day of the clean before the clean is performed. So if it is not our injection extraction deep cleaning system that can be used, then our specialists would use our Deep Dry cleaning system… meaning no disappointment!

The deep dry cleaning system is designed for fabrics that ‘do not take to water’. So if its delicates i.e. curtains, silk rugs, Indian/Persian/Turkish rugs, velvets/velour’s or even mattresses then this is defiantly the system for you. Targeting all types of build-up and residue this system provides and intense deep cleanse, deodorise and sanitise and is GAURANTEED TO LEAVE YOUR FABRICS DRY WITHIN 60 MINUTES.

The process

  A powerful vacuum is used to draw out all build up and soiling from the root of the carpet pile or fabric. This high strength system has been proven 5 times more powerful than the general household vacuum cleaner.

  We prepare all the areas that are to be cleaned by moving all moveable furniture as agreed. Our fabric care specialists will assess the carpet or fabric due to be cleaned and determine which system will provide the optimum result. A non toxic eco-friendly solution is lightly sprayed over the areas. This is also known as ‘pre-treatment’. This is left for anywhere between 3-10 minutes depending on the stains and soiling. This may also be known as the ‘ionization process’. This method ensures that residue can be extracted thoroughly.

  At this stage the sanitising process takes place. Our allergen control solution rids all air allergens, in particular mites/mite excrement. It is applied to all areas. The allergy-causing air allergens are broken down and killed.

  Your carpets and fabrics are now ready to be cleaned. The injection extraction system shoots warm water into the base of the carpet or fabric pile. With the super efficient extraction process all debris and dirt is removed leaving you carpets touch dry. The deep dry cleaning system works solely on a non-toxic solution base clean. This machine uses gentle rotary motion over the carpet to extract dirt and grime which is drawn into the buffer pad. This process is known as the ‘magnetism process’.

  Unreachable areas are also taken care of manually by hand.

  ‘Agitation process’. A gentle brush is used to loosen all remaining tough build-up and residue.

  The pile lifter is then used to rejuvenate the carpet pile lifting each and every individual fibre back to its vertical position leaving your carpets ‘as good as’ new. This helps those limp lifeless areas.

  The final stage is to odorise you carpets and fabrics. This helps eliminate pet, cigarette, urine and cooking odours.

Hear are just some of the areas that we take care of when we clean your carpets and fabrics:

  Traffic areas
  Grit, Grime and Grease
  Tea, wine coffee stains
  Make-up stains
  Dust, Dust mites, bug infestation and pet hairs
  Cigarette and cooking odours

We promise that if we can’t get it out… then no one can!

With this confidence we can happily say that if you are not happy with your clean we will rectify FREE OF CHARGE within 72 hours

As well as soft fabrics we can cleanse, moisturise and polish condition all types of leather.

Want further protection for you fabrics?

Day to day wear and tear in the property can lead to spills, marks and residue build – up. Having stainsheild applied to you carpets and fabrics reduces the risk of awful odours, hideous marks and stains. STAINSHEILD also extends the life of all carpets and fabrics and is highly recommended by all the leading manufacturers.
“Thank you so much Cleanest
Homes, my carpets and upholstery
look like new. Living with 2 young
kids and a dog I thought I was
going to have to replace my carpets,
but after you had been I am glad
I did not, they look and smell
like new, I will fully recommend
you to all I know.”

Evans, Epsom

Cleanest Homes carpet cleaning

“The girls are so hardworking
and efficient, they always clean to
such a high standard I have never
been disappointed with cleanest
homes. I would defiantly
recommend to anyone looking for
a trustworthy cleaning company”

Price, Leatherhead